48 pounds in 4 months! - May 19

"I started taking apidexin in february- my starting weight was 158, and after less than 4 months i have lost a total of 48 pounds! I have worked very hard but apidexin definitely made the entire process much easier. It helped control and reduce my appetite, i could feel the fat burning effects almost immediatley and it gave me a ton of energy! I am still training for my race and i am running about 45 miles a week! My original goal was to get down to 112 and today i weighed in at 110! I neve imagined i could look this good, i havne't been this size since jr. High!! If you are unsure about this product you aren't alone, i was very skeptical at first too. The first few times i took it i felt a little sick but my body adjusted after a few days. I am so glad i didn't stop taking it!! The detoxufree is amazing!!!! I look forward to taking it every month, it has made a huge difference in the way i look and feel. I owe a lot to this product and i will continue to take it to help maintain my weight. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!"

- TJ Myers (San Diego, California)

Better than liposuction :) - December 23

"I have tried just about everything out there (even lipo-suction) and nothing works quite as good as Apidexin. Had I tried this 18 years ago I NEVER would have gone under the knife! I have taken Apidexin every day for 7 months and have lost 58 pounds. Some months were better than others, but I am glad I stuck with it!"

- Darleen Emberton (Tallahassee, Florida)

9 pounds in 4 days! - March 7

I ordered and got it pretty fast in 2days. I've been on apidexin for 4 days now and have lost 9pds its crazy i am so happy. I'm eating right but not exercise as much as i should be. I had lost over 70pds and was stuck at one weight for a very long time. So this is awesome my weight is dropping again. 40 more pounds to my goal. Hopeful by summer maybe sooner. :)

- Donna Howard (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

I got the results I wanted! - January 23

Just finished my first bottle. Amazing results. I was at 198 and dropped to a LEAN 175. I workout 5 nights a week lifting weights and cardio. I was already pretty massive in muscles but this really brought out my abs and toned up my upper body even more. I absolutely love this stuff. I will always use this if i need to drop some weight.

- Cody Lewis (Buffalo, New York)

Best diet pill AND customer service - January 7

I'm back, and officially 25 pounds lighter and I feel AWESOME!! I can't believe how much better i look and feel, what a difference 2 months makes! I definitely couldn't have done this on my own. Apidexin has made a world of a difference. I am so passionate about this product, I want to tell EVERYONE about it! Apidexin is the real deal, don't waste your money on other products! My mom who is anti- diet pill has even started taking it! Apidexin.com's customer service has also been really helpful, I highly reccomend buying from them! I get my pills within a few days of ordering and they answer my emails almost immediatley!

- Linzee Shwartz (Louisville, Kentucky)

I lost over 30 pounds!!! - April 14

"I first came across Apidexin and their website after doing some research and figured I'd give it a try. Apidexin offered me a 100% money back guarantee, and so I figured "Hey there is nothing to loose" Well let me tell you, There is! With Apidexin, you loose the body fat that you have been having trouble loosing and it boosts your confidence!!!

Apidexin is one of the best weight loss supplements there are! I tried all these other diet pills out there and never got results. Apidexin is the real deal, don't waste your money on other products! The product ships fast, and the customer service is great, and they offer a 100% money back guarantee!

When I first bought my Apidexin, I weighed 232.12lbs, and when I stepped on the scale a week later, I was down to 222.5lbs. Amazing! A month later I was down to 202.50lbs. Thanks Apidexin! I could not have done it without you!"

- April D. (Missoula, Montana)

My energy increased! - September 23

It only took 2 days to get my product. After 6 days I am down 5 pounds! My energy has increased dramatically. I am very happy with my purchase

- Tabitha Dumar

Best diet pill AND customer service - April 27

I have never taken any kind of diet pills in my life so taking Apidexin was a little bit scary for me but being more than 50 pounds over weight I was willing to do just about any thing..I have been taking two before breakfast and two before lunch, and within a couple of months I am down 20 pounds!!! Apidexin gives me energy I didn't think I had, and curbs my appetite. Sometimes I feel I don't even have to take the pills at lunch because I still feel full. thanks apidexin :)

- Marilyn Smart

I have lost 33 pounds so far and am working on losing another 10 so I am ordering another bottle. Let me start by saying these are not magic pills; they can help you lose weight. I mean, lets face it, losing weight isn't that difficult, but you have to work at it. What I was looking for in Apidexin was something that would help suppress my appetite and it did that for me. My diet was simple; I bought a calorie book, wrote down what I ate, increased my water intake,and tried to exercise by walking my dogs after work. Instead of eating 4 slices of pizza, I ate 1 piece with a salad, if I wanted a hamburger, I left off the cheese and had baked chips instead of fries. I switched from eating candy to eating fruit (watermelon, peaches, plums) or instead of eating Blue Bell ice cream I had Blue Bell Sherbet. I've gone down 2 dress sizes and it's been worth every ounce of effort I put into it. Good luck to you!


I have taken Apidexin on and off for about a year now. I have permanently shedded 30 pounds of fat. How do I know its permanent? Cause I haven't taken it in at least four months and the weight has not come back! For all of the people with flu like symptoms; drink water! And plenty of it! People who just swallow the pill or take it with sugary juice will wish they hadn't, I know from experience. Two things I must suggest though are; diet(i know, that word diet is a buzz kill, but don't worry, at least for me, after a while of using Apidexin, your appetite shrinks) and the other thing I suggest is using this product when you hit a plateau in your weight loss. Apidexin, admittedly, after a bottle or even two (sometimes it takes a bit for your body to get used to the weight loss) will blast you bast that plateau! So all in all, when it comes to this product, you just have to know how to use it!

- Steve

"I don't have much weight to loose { Height 5.5 ½ inch - original weight 152lbs goal weight 125lbs to 135lbs) before you all start grilling me - I have arthritis, so I have to lessen the pressure on my joints that said, it has taken more than a month to actually work, but also I am not working out, so I can not ask more of it, I have lost about 8Lbs and I do feel the clothing fitting differently like less tight, which is great.

What I like the most is the energy boost and I notice it more in the mornings - when I wake up really, really reallyyy early to go to work, and I'm extremely grumpy I take the pills and voila ! I am awake and active.

I recommend for coffee drinkers like me - to easy off the first couple of weeks and then gradually start drinking it again.

I haven't gotten any horrible headaches or ""near death"" experiences like some other reviews. I do however eat properly and drink sufficient water !!

I mean, it works, I have no side effects so far and reduction of appetite that has never been a problem I eat very little ( I just happen to eat the wrong stuff - I love bread !!! ) - that's why I don't think I'm such a good example to follow.

This is a pretty good product - so good luck to all !


I lost 12 pounds in a month with these pills, getting more!!!

Porsha Ferguson

I'm not a big fan of pill-popping but given my complete inability to lose weight due to a number of factors, I gave this a try. It actually worked pretty well for me. I didn't weigh myself over the course of a month but I did notice my clothes fitting better and a significant decrease in appetite. Of course, your results may vary.




So happy with the product. I take the pills and I do not experience Any problems no jittery feeling the pills work great to suppress appetite. I would recommend highly thank you amazon


"I've tried a lot of non perscription diet pills and none of them did anything except shrink my wallet. This is the first one that actually works. I'm a type II diabetic and I gained 45 pounds when they put me on Metformin and Glipizide.

So far on Apidexin I have lost 20 pounds and am still losing. I take two pills a day between my morning snack and lunch. That's all.

I'm not hungry anymore all the time. It works for me. "


My results are in after one week of detox, apidexin and serious dieting, 2 liters of water a day with light exercise. I lost 9 pounds!! Absolutely no side effects. I love this product and it definitely motivates you to eat healthy and work out.

Taraneh Ros

Tara I am with ya... 1 week of 7 day detox and I am down 6 even with my little red friend. So at this point I am happy. I have eaten very well in my decisions but did have 2 beers on the lake yesterday. But after having them my tummy didnt like me! So thats good!

Liz Jeffries Zeitler

They have worked well for me, Rachel. I had more energy, which is good because Iam a nurse in a nursing home and need theenergy to 'keep up'!. I will be 60 in April and really wanted to drop 20-25 lbs. I have lost 22 and am maintaining pretty good. I did no other exercise as I walk/run ALOT every day at work! I am now adding in some basic strengthening exercises. I had no side effects. The biggest issue was getrting 2 doses in 30 min. prior to eating because at work I do not always get a chance to sit down and eat. It did seem to tke a while for them to start to work,but they did. I also use a rather low carb diet as that has always worked best for me in the past. I eat healthy, just do not want to eat as much.January 4 at 6:27am

Connie Zuhde

i have had great success with these pills, i started them back in sept and as of recently have lost 30 lbs. :D i haven't had any side affects, and they give you energy, but not the kind that gives you the jitters. it suppressed my appetite but never to the point where i couldn't eat, i just eat a lot less than i used to. i really love these pills, best diet pills i've ever used :D i hope this helps good luck!

Jessica Leija

starting weight 150, did detox and this is 2nd day of apidexin and i weighed 144 this morning. :) I dont feel any side effects at all, slept well last night too. Hopefully this continues... I didnt eat dinner last night, havent been eating much at all. but thats okay if the weights dropping! lol..

Update: I'm on my 3rd day of apidexin after taking the detox too.. Started it all monday and have lost 8 lbs.

Rachel Hughes

kk starting weight 218- today 213!!! YAY im on day 2· January 10 at 2:39pm he he he this morning i was 211! its working wonders, of course im bouncing up and down a couple pounds (on the scale) through out the day. but the morning weight is always less than the last day! day four tomorrow! YAY January 11 7:36pm Hell yes !!!! 201. 30 lbs to half way!!! Thank you apidexin January 13 at 6:38pm

Megan Sadler

Ive lost 25lbs in 3 months with Apidexin. And only took 1pill in the morning. I havent gained any of the weight back after 1yr. Im a very satisfied customer!

Caroline Bourdlais

"I think I figured out my problem. I was taking my daily vitamins (B complex, vitamin C, Vitamin D, etc. ) immediately after my morning dose. I waited about 2 hours this morning after I took my morning dose before I took my Vitamins. I am feeling a great surge of on-going energy WITHOUT jitters! (Wish I was at home instead of work - I'd have a super clean house!) Glad I figured out the culprit. I'm anxious to see how it goes now. Oh and by the way....I am sleeping better than I have in a long time - No sleep issues, which is WONDERFUL!!! :)

I am still just running on major energy without the jitters (sorry to repeat but I am LOVING that fact!)"

Tiffany Waller-Belvnik

Lost 6.6lbs in the first week :)))))))

Mag Morrison

I cant wait to get my order!!! Since the first I've lost 10lbs so I am super jazzed to see how it can help me lose more weight.

Cambria Williams

I have just lost 12lb pounds in 4 weeks this the best diet pill I recomend everyone no side effects I can't wait to get my next 2 bottles !!

Jessica Acosta

I have been taking apidexin for 1 week and I have lost 8lbs, with little change in my diet. I love it!

Alesha Campbell

Lost 15 pounds in a month, I'm ordering more :)

Mickulus Rubin

Day 4: Lost 4 Lbs., and starting to notice my pants are getting loose.

Anna Forbus

I have been on it for 5 weeks and lost 20 lbs...I work out at least 3-4 times a week and eat healthy! I love this pill...its worth a shot to try!

Leah Hadley

Jeff....I started taking apidexin in september 2011 and I have about 10 pills left. It's definitely been a great helper in terms of weight loss. I started at 260 and I am currently at 201...it also helps with muscle mass which was another plus. The only con is that I take it at dinner but it has a lot of caffine that makes me stay awake until about 3am...which is why it says take with breakfast and lunch lol. If you are going to eat right and exercise daily, then this product will help and can't hurt to try! However, I started on the 1111mg apidexin but then they switched the product to be 455mg which I was highly dissappointed with because it was not as effectice as the old product...nonetheless, still works. Still worth the same price? No way.

Nick Grimard

I started this september 2011, with this and exercise diet as well i have lost 45 pounds. no gym, just exercise videos and walking. I went off of it for 2 months didn't gain back the weight (no exercise). the one thing that i really like about this pill is that i have a major sweet tooth and it helped curve it alot and i wanted the good for you food. I will be starting this again soon. and hope to make another 45 to 50 pounds. good luck to you.

Farrah Slevin

pregnant last year anD before having my baby I was doing my reserach and heard about apidexin I had my daughter on november on january 6 2012 when to the doctor and I was 178 on january 31's I was 166. One month lateR. Another 16lb Now iam 150lb. The total of 28lb iT wouldn be possible. With out the pill the pill really

Jessica Acosta

"The product (Apidexin) worked for me. It worked great. I was 190 and after the diet i am 146 now and still working on it. It is a constant battle with the foods i love but the apidexin curved my eating habits and helped me shed the pounds. If anyone asks how, I say Apidexin. It's a life giver backer."

Suzette Shaler

I lost 22 lbs just using it, watching my diet better and not exercising. so now my NY resolution is to get insome exercise.

Connie Zuhde

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